“You have to take care of your spirit if you want to have the resilience and fortitude to be able to fight the uphill battle that a hero has to fight.”

- Ben Greenfield

Your brain is your greatest superpower.

That's why we're committed to its fitness.

Neuroscientists now know that the brain is plastic, a quantum leap from the outdated notion that we are victims of genetics or permanently limited due to our IQ. Brain plasticity—scientifically known as neuroplasticity—is the brain’s innate ability to change and adapt its structure and function in response to experiences and is, therefore, key to optimal overall wellness.

Brain states that were once only possible during deep meditative states achieved over years of disciplined practice are now available to everyone in 20 effortless minutes.

BrainTap gently guides the brain from the chronic and destructive fight-or-flight state into deep relaxation, naturally restoring the parasympathetic balance, which is often all that's needed to achieve mental harmony, better health, and an exceptional quality of life.

Check out what the research has to say...

In a single session:

  • 38.5% Improvement on the stress index scale
  • 27.3% Improvement on overall neurological markers
  • Increased heart rate variability 

 - Global Advances in Health and Medicine Vol. 9, 2020

Other significant findings:

  • Increased heart rate variability
  • Improved quality of sleep (sleep efficiency)


  • Improved quality of sleep (sleep efficiency)
  • Increased parasympathetic activity
  • Decreased stress, worry and irritability Improved brain health (episodic memory)
  • Decreased frequency of migraines and more

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